I made this website to showcase my work and some of the techniques I picked up along the way.
I’m interested in working on exciting projects, especially if they have a social impact.
So if you’d like to collaborate on one of these projects or on one of your own, please do get in contact.


Modelling and Simulation

Modelling and simulations has been a major element of my engineering projects. The use of simulation can hugely expedite research and development work, allowing examination of complex physics at a much lower cost. I’ve become very proficient at fluid dynamics modelling using OpenFOAM and other modelling and simulation tools.

Experimental Research

Experimental research has also become a big feature of my work. I’m experienced with optical techniques such as Schlieren imaging, particle image velocimetry, infra red imaging and laser doppler vibrometry. I’ve been involved with large experimental research projects such as a large clinical trial and on site research work at wind farms.


Through my modelling and simulation work I’ve learned to create engaging renderings and animations of simulations and designs. Well made visualisations can allow an audience to really engage with a concept and can add great value to pitches and proposals. This mostly consists of using the open-source 3D software Blender which can be used to implement quite advanced visual techniques.

Advaced Engineering Design

I’m fascinated by how advanced cutting-edge techniques can be used to create high performing designs. Through my work I’ve used adjoint aerodynamic shape optimisation and structural topology optimisation techniques to create much higher performing designs than I could have dreamt up by myself in CAD. I’ve also used traditional aerodynamic and thermal analyses to inform complex design projects.



Aug 2022 - Present

I'm presently working to complete my Ph.D. on the areodynamic effects of the leading edge erosion problem on wind turbine performance.
This is taking place under the larger SEAI run RemoteWind project, where I am examining the effects of leading edge erosion on wind turbine blades and how this can be monitored using drones. This includes elements of lab experiment, computational modelling and on site experiments with wind turbines.


Sep 2021 - Aug 2022

The PORSAV project (Protection of Operating Room Staff from Aerosolized Virus) is an EU Horizon 2020 project, in collaboration with University College Dublin and the Mater Misericordiae Hospital Dublin. The aim of the project is to improve the safety of keyhole surgery, by quantifying and reducing carbon dioxide leaks from the patient, minimising the risk of aerosolized infection.
My work was a mix of experimental imaging (schlieren and inferred) in live surgery and simulation of the underlying physics of the problem. This blend of experimental and computational research work was very engaging and fast paced. The role allowed me to develop many new skills including experimental research techniques, image processing, matlab programming and further computational modelling skills.
My work on this project has been presented at the 17th OpenFOAM Workshop conference and several other research articles on various aspect of the project are in development.

N2ORTH Rocket

Sep 2020 - Aug 2022

I worked with the University of Stuttgart’s Hybrid Engine Development group (HyEnD) on the aerodynamic analysis of their new rocket design. HyEnD currently holds the European altitude record for a University designed rocket and the new design will be higher performance than any of theirs previously.
I led the efforts to use CFD to simulate these more onerous design conditions. The data obtained on the increased aerodynamic drag and heating was able to directly inform the design of the vehicle. My work on this project has been presented at the 16th OpenFOAM Workshop conference.

Civil Engineering Simulation

Jan 2020 - Jul 2020

Midway through my Master’s program, I worked in the Computational Fluid Dynamics team in Arup Dublin. Here I was able to contribute to large scale, multi-disciplinary Engineering projects. I also conducted research projects based on the modelling of the atmospheric boundary layer. I learned skills in simulation software (OpenFOAM), high performance computing and aerodynamics theory. I also improved my skills in CAD, programming and collaborating on projects.


I also have a keen interst in outdoor aventures

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